The Best Emergency Car Kits For Winter 2021

January 01 2021 – Safety Kits Plus

Emergency Car Kits For Winter


When winter time hits and the road conditions get more dangerous, it is more important than ever to be prepared. Experiencing a breakdown in cold weather can become a life threatening situation quickly. That is why we have put together a breakdown of our best emergency car kits for winter 2021.  Having a safety kit with the right supplies in your vehicle will give you peace of mind, save time, and may even save a life.


Best Emergency Car Kits For Winter 2021

 At Safety Kits Plus, we have done the research and the results are clear. Three car emergency roadside kits stand out above all the rest. Before we dive into our top picks, it is important to note what we were looking for when evaluating the kits. 



Kit Should Be Comprehensive and Compact

 It was important to the research team that the kit be comprehensive and have more than just the essential emergency supplies. At the same time, we wanted a kit that was compact and that would easily store in your vehicle. It was also important that the kit be easy to grab and go.


A Winter Kit Should Help Keep You Warm

 Because we are preparing for a winter car emergency it goes without saying that the kit should have supplies that will help keep you warm if necessary. Being stranded in winter conditions can be fatal especially if your car's power stops working, or your car heater breaks. Being stuck in a cold car is definitely not an ideal situation. Therefore, we wanted to make sure that the kits had supplies in it that would help keep you and your travel companions warm. 



The Kit Should Have Emergency Lighting

During the winter season it gets dark early. There is nothing worse than being broken down on the road, in the winter in the dark! When looking for the best car safety kit for winter, it was important that the kit have multiple alternative light sources. Not being able to see in an emergency can increase anxiety and lead to bad decision making. Having additional light sources can make all the difference in an emergency situation.


Here are the three best winter car emergency kits we could find.



The AAA Winter Roadside Emergency Kit has been recommended for many years by experts in the field. This compact unit is easy to store yet has enough room to add your personal items. This kit has everything we were looking for and more. Essential first aid supplies, fleece hat, scarf and gloves and multiple light sources make this unit a must have for any vehicle. This kit is economical and makes a terrific gift to protect your family and friends.



We chose the Road Warrior Deluxe Car Emergency Kit because it is extremely comprehensive. You just might be surprised how often you'll find yourself using the folding shovel. Heavy duty 6 gauge jumper cables will get the job done if you need to jump start your car or help someone else out, and multiple light sources will keep you out of the dark. While the kit is larger, the heavy duty duffle makes it extremely easy to grab-n-go. This kit can be customized by adding your own logo or brand as well.



The Standard Road Warrior Car Emergency Kit is a great alternative to the deluxe version. It contains all of the same essential supplies that keep you prepared for the unexpected emergency while out on the road. With only a few minor content adjustments this unit is affordable and will be greatly appreciated if ever needed.


Emergency car kits for winter are a great way to quickly jump start your preparedness for the harsh winter roads. In addition to the supplies included in these kits, we suggest that you also add food bars and drinking water to the kit or in your trunk. It's always a good idea to keep some extra layers of warm clothing in your car as well. 


It is important to maintain your emergency car kits for winter on a regular basis. Take the time twice a year to inventory the supplies and replace any expired or depleted supplies There are some great suggestions on how to drive safely in winter conditions here at





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