Best First Aid Kits For Hiking & Outdoor Adventures

Best First Aid Kits For Hiking & Adventures

Author: Safety Kits Plus | Published May 22, 2021

Quick Preview Of Our Top 5 Kits

1. MyMedic Solo First Aid Kit - Basic
- This is the perfect starter first aid kit for individuals or couples going on day hikes. Compact and lightweight it easily fits in a backpack.

2. MyMedic Solo First Aid Kit - Advanced
- Same compact size as the basic kit but contains more advanced and potentially life-saving supplies such as a chest seal, tourniquet, and micromend cut kit.

3. MyMedic MyFak First Aid Kit - Basic
- Hiking with a small group or your family? Upgrade your kit to the MyFak basic kit. It has more of the essential supplies you may need for an injury or emergency on the trails.

4. 10 Essentials Survival Backpack Kit
- Specifically designed for helping you survive an emergency situation on a remote hike or camping trip. A great kit to have in your vehicle on off-roading adventures as well. Filled with essential supplies and comes with a comprehensive first aid kit.

5. The Seventy2 Survival System
- Another great survival backpack for extended adventures and overnight hikes including a first aid kit.

Keep reading to learn more about these amazing kits and the importance of having a first aid kit with you when you go hiking. Emergencies can happen even on the shortest of hikes, be prepared.
The COVID-19 pandemic has taken quite a toll on our mental well-being. 

While some people paint, cook, binge-watch TV series or read, some like to take the path less traveled; yes, the hiking path.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, there was a significant increase in the number of Americans who headed outside for new activities during the pandemic.

If you, too, are planning to head into the wilderness, one of the primary things you need to take care of is your first aid kit for hiking.

By being prepared and ready for any potential misadventures, you can avoid your fun trip from turning into a misfortune.

Whether it is a headache or a fracture, you can efficiently deal with injuries with your first-aid kit at your disposal.

This article takes you through some of the best first aid kits and what you need to look for while buying first aid kits for hiking and backpacking.

Let us get started.
Woman wraps mans arm using first aid kits for hiking supplies

Is it necessary to bring first aid kit with you on your hike?

The simple answer is, yes.

Many hikers and backpackers tend to ignore the impact an emergency in the wild can have on their safety.

They have a carefree approach concerning their health and safety when out in the wild.

This lax attitude isn’t a wise approach to hiking, & especially for backpacking trips because:


a. The terrain you enter is rough, and this makes you susceptible to injuries of all kinds. In fact, the types of injuries that might befall you on a hike are simply overwhelming.


b. People often backpack in remote and wild areas. This generally means there won’t be any accessible medical assistance while you are at it, which is why self-assistance becomes crucial to survival in case of an emergency. If need be, you should be able to treat yourself with the first aid kit before you call for help. A well-prepared first aid kit for backpacking does the job perfectly.

What essential first aid supplies should be in your kit?

Now that we have established the importance of first aid kits for hiking and backpacking let us proceed with the essential items you should to carry in a kit:
      1. Bandages - assorted sizes & uses
      2. Antiseptic Ointment
      3. Medical Gloves
      4. Gauze Pads
      5. Gauze Rolls
      6. Elastic Wraps
      7. Alcohol Prep Pads
      8. Burn Gel
      9. Bite & Sting Relief
      10. Pain Medication
      11. Allergy Medication
      12. Tweezers
      13. Scissors or Shears
      14. Splints
      15. Adhesive Tape
By all means, this list is not comprehensive and only covers the essential items.

On more remote hiking adventures is may be beneficial to have more advanced supplies in your kit such as:

  1. Tourniquet
  2. Thermometer
  3. CPR Shield
  4. Chest Seal
  5. Suture Kit
  6. Survival Blanket
  7. Whistle
  8. Light Source
  9. Hydration Tablets

Usually, most hiking trips are impromptu plans. Given our busy lives and erratic schedules, we may or may not get the time to collate the necessary first aid supplies in time.

So, what do we do? Give up on first aid and take the risk? No, that would be foolish.

The way out is to choose pre-assorted first aid kits that include the right supplies to battle any emergency.

Let us take a look at them.

Best first aid kits for hiking & backpacking

MyMedic Solo - Basic Kit

Feeling adventurous? If yes, you should check out the Solo first aid kit for hiking. As the name implies, this safety kit is excellent for treating 1 to 2 people. Whether it is a solo adventure or a hike with your spouse, this kit has got you covered.
Equipped with over 36 high-quality first aid supplies, you do not have to worry about minor injuries like scrapes and cuts. Moreover, the kits also comprise the right medications for allergies, stings, bites, headaches, and the like.

You can trust this kit to be your friend in need - it comes with a survival gear like paracord and a safety whistle. What’s more? These items come neatly packaged in a stylish carrying case in multiple colors with large zippers and compartments.

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MyMedic Solo - Advanced Kit

If you are wondering how the advanced kit is different from the basic version, here’s what you should know. Like the basic Solo first aid kit, the advanced kit is excellent for treating 1 to 2 people. However, it also includes 45 high-quality first aid supplies and advanced supplies like a tourniquet, chest seal, and micromend cut kits that are crucial for recovery in case of an unforeseen emergency in the wild.

So, what should you pick? Depends on you.

If you prefer going on hikes in areas that are not too far into the wild and relatively within the city limits, you can go for the basic kit. However, if you are a fan of exploring the deeper parts and going on backpacking trips with your friends, you should go with the advanced kit.

However well-planned your trips may be, you cannot always control how things go. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a kit that has it all!
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MyMedic MyFak Basic Kit

This is one of those well-rounded first aid kits filled with essential supplies that meet the needs of a small group of  families out exploring mother nature. With 85 top-quality medical supplies, you will hike with confidence knowing you are prepared for most of the common injuries on the hiking trails. This is one of our favorite overall first aid kits. 

Yes, this one too comes in an advanced version and it is worth checking out as well.
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10 Essential Survival Backpack Kit

Planning a short adventure trip? The 10 essentials survival backpack kit is what you need. The kit has been specially curated to cover the primary and essential survival gear, including first aid, food, water, and fire supplies. 

Moreover, the bag is made of premium quality materials that ensure the kit is waterproof, durable, and can also be inflated to be used as a floatation device.
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The Seventy2 Survival System

The Seventy2 survival system has been rated as the #1 highly-functional survival kit. Its contents have been safely designed and tested to maximize the level of protection. With its well-organized and segmented pockets, you can easily access the contents. The sleek and waterproof bag can also double up as a flotation device.

To provide customers with utmost protection, the kits undergo multiple rounds of testing. The manufacturers at Seventy2 survival system know how much your family means to you. You can trust this survival system to be your shield of protection in the wild!
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