Best Team Sports Coach's First Aid Kit For Treating Sports Injuries

Team Sports Coach's First Aid Kit



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  • Product Description



      • Great for youth sporting events like soccer, baseball, basketball, and more
      • Quickly bandage up scrapes and cuts
      • Wrap ankle and knee sprains
      • Splint finger injuries
      • Instant ice packs for injuries and swelling
      • Easy to carry and durable case
      • Perfect for team sports with supplies to cover multiple participants

      Team Sports Coach's First Aid Kit Contains 134 Pieces:

      1 Sturdy Bag
      1 First Aid Booklet
      1 Stainless Steel Scissors
      1 Tweezers
      2 Pair Vinyl Gloves
      3 Safety Pin
      5 Cotton Tipped Applicator
      2 Eye Pad
      2 Disposable Thermometer
      4 Wood Finger Splint
      2 2” X 3” Moleskin
      3 Small Instant Cold Pack
      1 Pack Pocket Tissue
      1 Hazardous Material Bag
      6 Alcohol Prep Pad
      6 Iodine Prep Pad
      3 Sting Relief Pad
      6 Antiseptic Towelette
      2 Hydrocortisone Cream
      6 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
      3 Acetaminophen Packet
      3 Ibuprofen Packet
      15 3/8” X 1-1/2” Bandage
      20 3/4” X 3” Bandage
      3 Knuckle Bandage
      3 Knee/Elbow Bandage
      10 Wound Closure Strip
      3 2” X 2” Sterile Gauze Pad
      3 3” X 3” Sterile Gauze Pad
      1 5” X 9” Combine Dressing
      3 3” X 4” Non-Adherent Dressing
      2 2” Conforming Gauze Roll
      1 2” Elastic Bandage
      1 Triangle Bandage
      2 Co-Flex Bandage Roll
      1 Pre-Wrap Roll
      2 1” Adhesive Tape Roll


      If you have any concerns or issues with your safety kit, please reach out to us and we will remedy it for you. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


      Whether you are a coach, parent, or athlete having access to essential medical supplies is crucial while coaching, watching or playing your favorite sport. Minor injuries can happen on the field or court at any time, and having supplies such as the ones found in this amazing sports first aid kit can help the injured. From ice cold packs for bumps and bruises to assorted bandages and antiseptics for cleaning and dressing cuts and scrapes. The splints and elastic wraps are ideal for injured fingers and rolled ankles. With this kit you will be prepared to help out with many of the most common minor injuries.