Micro Start XP-1-G2 Portable Jump Starter



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  • Product Description

      The Micro-Start XP-1-G2 is incredibly simple to use. It comes in a durable zippered Carry Case with everything you need to Jump-Start your Vehicles and Charge your Electronics no matter where you are.

      The second generation XP-1 has an all new design and is upgraded with super fast USB-C PD30w Charging and other great features. The XP-1 was one of the first mini lithium jump-starters on the market and is considered the industry standard in its class.

      Our XP-1 jump-starter/ personal power supply (PPS) was Winner of the SEMA New Products Award in 2013 – it was the First and ORIGINAL mini jump box and it just got better with the G2. We have now raised the bar bigtime with a new sleek design, higher jump-starting power, and great features like a large Digital Display plus the new and super fast PD 30w USB Type-C Charging/Recharging. The XP-1-G2 can power or fast charge all your modern Electronics like Phones, Tablets and Laptops. Take Portable Power and the ability to Jump Start your vehicles wherever you go.

        • 1 Micro-Start XP-1-G2
        • 1 Carry Case
        • 1 set of Jumper Clamps
        • 1 USB-A to USB-C Cable
        • 1 Instruction Manual


          • LED Flashlight built-in with 3 beam modes (steady, strobe, SOS beacon).
          • Automatic Power-Off when not in use.
          • Built-in Protections for over-charge, over-discharge and more. Long battery life.
          • Rechargeable Lithium Battery. Recharge the XP-1-G2 with the provided USB
          • Cable (or another) from any USB output such as your phone charger, wall adapter or car charger.
          • Top Quality Design, build-quality and safety features. UL listed battery cells.
          • Jump-Start cars, trucks, motorcycles, powersports vehicles and more
          • Charge Phones, Tablets, Laptops and other USB devices (Apple or Windows)
          • Type-C USB IN/OUT and Type A QC USB Out
          • Type-C PD 30w Super Fast Charging (2 hr recharge)
          • 400A starting current / 2000A peak
          • 12,000 mAh capacity (44.4 Wh)
          • 6.9 x 3.7 x 1.4 inches (176x95x35 mm)
          • Carry Case and Accessories included

          The XP-1-G2 is extremely lightweight and compact making it easy to take everywhere. So small it fits in your hand yet so powerful it can jump-start Motorcycles, Powersports Vehicles, even V8 Trucks!

          The new MICRO-START XP-1-G2 has a large Digital Display Screen, which displays the State of Charge (percent of capacity available).The original model had capacity lights giving a general indication. Now with the Gen 2 model it’s easy to know exactly how much capacity you have with a digital readout. The easy-to-read icons to show what ports are active.

          XP1-G2 SMART CLAMPS

          The intelligent Jump-Start Clamps feature multiple Safety Protections built-in. They prevent reverse polarity connection, over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit and back-charge. Safely start cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, other powersports vehicles, boats and other watercraft.


          The XP-1-G2 offers USB Type-C PD 30w Charging! With PD 30-watts you can enjoy some of the highest charging speeds available from a jump-starter. Quickly charge your Apple or Windows Laptops, Tablets, Phones or other Electronic Devices.

          ULTRA FAST RECHARGING of the XP-1: By using a PD30w Charger the XP-1-G2 can RECHARGE in about 2 hours! This is much faster than the original model. It can recharge using any USB-C cable (one cable included). But for the fastest option you can purchase any USB-C 30-Watt Charger (there are many sources online whether you need one for a 110v Household outlet or your Car’s cig lighter port).