Cub JC Jump-Starter, Air Compressor, Power Bank, LED Flashlight



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  • Product Description

      Never worry about a dead battery, dead phone or being in the dark again! With the Lion Cub JC onboard you have a jump-starter, air compressor, 3-stage LED flashlight and USB charger all in a compact and portable case. This is a must have companion for any vehicle.

      The Cub JC provides portable power that is safe, quiet and renewable. Have peace of mind while on the road. This portable unit has enough power to to jump-start your vehicle, inflate your tires and power USB devices such as phones, cameras, lamps, tablets and much more.

      The Cub is powerful enough to jump-start:

      • Cars & Light Trucks
      • Boats
      • UTV's
      • Motorcyles
      • Phones
      • USB Devices

      The Cub JC is made from Lithium Iron Phosphate and is the safest multi-purpose power bank on the market. It will not explode or catch on fire. Because it does not emit any toxic fumes or gases, it can be safely used with your vehicle or in any indoor or other confined areas. Lithium Iron Phosphate is the highest grade, safest battery composition available and has no potentially volatile chemistry. And it requires no maintenance.

      The Cub holds a charge longer, requires zero maintencance, has a fast charge time, is very light and is extremely portable.

      What's Included?
      The Club JC includes a jump-starter and jumper cables, an air-compressor, built in 3-stage LED flashlight, wall charger, 12V cigarette charger and 2 USB-A charging ports.

      How long will it last?
      Using full depth of discharge (DOD) the Lion Cub JC has 2500+ lifecycles and can hold a charge up to 1 year. It can provide up to 20 vehicle jump-starts on one charge.

      How good is the Air Compressor?
      Easily inflate tires up to 120 psi with an easy to read digital display and auto off.

      How big is it?
      The jumper is less than 3 lbs and the entire unit is less than 5 lbs. This unit is light and portable. The size is 7.6"L x 4"W x 2.2"H. It fits in pockets, glove boxes, briefcases or purses.