10 Essentials Survival Backpack Kit

10 Essentials Survival Backpack Kit



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      The 10 Essentials Survival Backpack Kit 


      + BE PREPARED. The 10 Essentials Survival Backpack Kit is the ultimate pack for your outdoor adventures. It was specifically created to cover the 10 essential survival gear categories from first aid supplies to food and water, to fire supplies and more.  

      + EASY TO USE. This kit includes great tools and supplies that are easy to use in an emergency or survival situation. They are all conveniently packed in a premium dry bag that is durable, waterproof and can be inflated and used a flotation device.

      Kit Dimensions: 23.3" x 14.1" x 5"

      Kit Weight: 8 lbs.

      + SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDWe have spent countless hours testing the safety kits we sell, and we use them to protect our own family. If you have any concerns or issues with your safety kit, please reach out to us and we will remedy it for you. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

      Kit Contents


      1. FIRST AID
      Hiker Medic Medpack
      Emergency Pressure Bandage
      Stay Alive First Aid Guide
      Survival Blanket.
      Hygiene Towel

      2. MULTI-TOOL
      Super Tape
      20 Ft Paracord

      3. WATER
      LifeStraw Water Filter
      Water Bottle
      Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets
      S.O.S Food Lab Emergency Drinking Water

      4. FOOD
      Millennium 400 Calorie Food Bars
      S.O.S Emergency Food Ration - 400 Calories

      5. FIRE
      InstaFire Fire Starter
      Waterproof Matches

      6. Light Source
      Solar Headlamp with USB Charger
      30 Hour Light Stick

      7. Sun Protection
      Polarized Sunglasses

      8. Shelter
      Super Bivvy

      9. Navigation
      Folding Compass

      10. Clothes
      Emergency Poncho
      Hand Warmers 12 hours
      Wool Blend Performance Socks

      Fleece-Lined Reflective Beanie
      Fleece-Lined Waterproof Gloves

      Dimensions: 23.3" H, 14.1" W, 5" D

      Weight: 8 lbs.


      *By ordering MyMedic First Aid Kits from Safety Kits Plus, Safety Kits Plus assumes no liability for their misuse.

      *MyMedic reserves the right to replace individual supplies within First Aid Kits and Med+Packs with supplies of equal value at their discretion.