AAA Winter Roadside Emergency Kit

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      + BE PREPARED ON THE ROAD. The AAA Winter Roadside Emergency Kit is the ideal safety bag to have in your car year-round, and is especially well equipped for colder conditions. There are emergency items such as a survival blanket, hand warmers, fleece gloves, blanket, and cap to help you keep warm, as well as quick spark fire starter and long burning candles. 

      + GREAT GIFT. This winter emergency kit makes for a perfect gift, especially around the holidays when temperatures drop around the country. Have the peace of mind that you have extra layers of clothing and emergency items specifically designed to keep you prepared and safe in case of a roadside emergency in the cold. 

      + EASY TO USE. This kit includes great tools that are easy to use in an emergency situation. They are all conveniently packed in a blue soft case that fits conveniently in your backseat or trunk. 

      + SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. This kit has been so popular that television stations around the country have endorsed it as a public service for viewers and clients for years. If the weather personnel at TV stations endorse this kit, you know it's a winner. We stand behind this kit with our 100% satisfaction promise to you. 

      Kit Contents

      AAA Winter Roadside Emergency Kit Contains 66 Pieces

      1    AAA Hard-Shell Foam Case
      1    First Aid Guide
      1    Sting Relief Pad
      6    Antiseptic Towelette
      15    3/8” X 1-1/2” Bandage
      20    3/4” X 3” Bandage
      1    2” X 2” Sterile Gauze Pad
      1    1/2” Adhesive Tape Roll
      3    AAA Batteries
      1    Emergency Whistle
      2    Hand Warmer
      1    Survival Blanket
      3    Emergency Candle
      1    Quick-Spark Fire Starter
      1    Accident Forms & Guidelines
      1    AAA Membership Brochure
      1    9 LED Aluminum Flashlight
      3    Piece Fleece Set w/Cap, Gloves And Scarf
      1    Folding Shovel w/Sheath
      1    Ice Scraper
      1    LED Safety Strobe

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