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 Best Emergency Car Kits For Winter

The Best Emergency Car Kits For Winter 2021

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AAA 16 Foot 6 Gauge Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

How To Safely Jump Start Car Battery | Easy Step by Step

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  • Car Packed For A Family Road Trip

    October 06 2020 – Safety Kits Plus

    How To Best Prepare For A Road Trip

    Making the effort to do a simple pre-trip inspection can save time, aggravation and possibly lives. Use this checklist to reduce the risk of placing yourself in situations that are not safe and can ruin your trip.

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  • Two people learning first aid and CPR

    June 04 2020 – Safety Kits Plus

    CPR Basics - The ABC's

    Few people know how to correctly administer CPR in the event of an emergency situation. For most people, witnessing such an event is traumatic enough let alone jumping in and assisting.

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  • 64 Piece Survival Kit With Food & Water

    May 30 2020 – Safety Kits Plus

    Survival Kits - When It's Time To Evacuate

    When it is time to evacuate, survival is the name of the game and the winner will be the player who was prepared in advance.

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  • Locate your State Emergency Managment Agency

    April 02 2020 – Safety Kits Plus

    Locate your State Emergency Managment Agency

    Click the state listings below to locate the Emergency Management Offices and Agencies in your state. Most state emergency offices and agencies have a website with current and useful information. Take a few minutes to inform yourself about emergency preparedness and the available resources in your state. Every state has unique challenges and potential threats. Be Informed - Make a...

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