Survival Kits - When It's Time To Evacuate

May 30 2020 – Safety Kits Plus

Survival When It's Time To Evacuate

When it is time to evacuate, survival is the name of the game and the winner will be the player who was prepared in advance. This is not a game you want to lose. The impact that an unexpected disaster can have on a family is immense and can be devastating.



Typically there is not much advanced warning when it is time to evacute your home. You may live in an area that regularly has natural disasters or you may never see it coming. In either case, once the order is issued, it is already too late to prepare.



Thinking ahead and making a plan in advance of an emergency is the best practice. Families should sit together and discuss exactly how you plan to respond in an emergency situation. Often communication lines are down and it is impossible to reach your loved ones. Having a disaster plan in place will provide peace of mind and keep anxiety levels in check. All family members should know where to meet in the event of an evacuation and what to bring with them if it is possible to do so.



What you may need to survive will depend on where you live and the specific conditions of that region. It is best to reach out to your local Emergency Management Agency. They are a tremendous resource and can be extremely useful in assisting your survival plan. There are however some very basic survival supplies that are recommended for any emergency in any region.


Most survival experts recommend a minimum of essential survival supplies that will get each person through a 72 hour period. Safety Kits Plus carries a variety of Survival Kits that come in easy to grab-and-go back packs. Families should determine the supplies that will be necessary to get each family member through the 72 hour period. At a very minimum it is critical to have enough Emergency Food & Water for this period of time.




The 64 Piece Survival Kit with Food & Water is a comprehensive 72 hour survival kit that is easy to grab and go. This unit has everything you'll need to get through those critical first 72 hours; even a deck of playing cards. Be prepared for almost anything with 32 servings of food, emergency water, first aid and hygiene supplies and much more all packed in an easy to grab-n-go durable backpack. The backpack has plenty of room to add your personal items such as medications, or any items infants, elderly or disabled family members may need.  $83.00


64 Piece Survival Kit With Food & Water Contents



Communities tend to come together during disasters. It is a great idea to become familiar with your community's disaster plan if there is one. It seems like common sense but getting to know your neighbors and making advance disaster plans with them can ease the chaos during an emergency situation. Learn where people in your community are to gather in disaster situations. Discussing these plans with your family members and especially children is good planning. Some may think it is overboard but running an emergency drill from time to time and meeting up at a specified locations is also good planning. Everything you can do to minimize chaos during an actual emergency event will go a long way!

Useful emergency preparedness resources:


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American Red Cross

National Safety Council




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