Make a Car Emergency Kit

February 14 2019 – Safety Kits Plus

Make a Car Emergency KitIt is very easy to make your own car emergency kit but stock kits are readily available. For sure it is better to buy a stock car emergency kit than to not have one at all. So if you have been putting off making your own, just purchase one today for each of your vehicles. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive kit. You can purchase a basic stock kit and supplement the contents to meet your personal needs.


  • Heavy duty jumper cables
  • Air Compressor or fix-a-flat can
  • Flashlight
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Reflective triangle or road flares
  • Multi-function tool
  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Emergency poncho
  • Flat head and phillips screwdrivers
  • Emergency whistle
  • Duct tape
  • Bungee cords
  • Shop Cloth
  • Cable ties
  • Basic first aid kit
  • 5 Year shelf life food and water
  • Survival blanket

These basic emergency items will keep you prepared for an unexpected emergency. Additional supplies such as light sticks, folding shovel, emergency radio, batteries, safety vest, distress banners and a tow rope are also great to have when needed.

When you find yourself in an emergency situation it is always important to remain calm and to not panic. It is a good idea if possible to contact someone and let them know your situation. If you cannot reach someone you know contact your roadside emergency service if you have one or 911 if you do not. Next, it is very important to ensure that your vehicle is in a safe place and to make yourself and your vehicle highly visible. This is a good time to put on your hi-vis safety vest,  lift the hood of your car and put on your emergency flashers. Set up your reflective triangles or EZ-FLARES to warn oncoming traffic. Vehicles can be very dangerous so if you are not mechanically inclined and not familiar with auto care it is always best to wait for a professional to assist you. Do not attempt to jump your car or open the radiator of a vehicle if you do not know exactly what you are doing!

It is best to always be prepared for the worst case scenarios. Take the time to make your own car emergency kit today or purchase a stock kit that meets your needs. Don't be fooled into thinking it will never happen to you, it can and most likely will at some point! Prepare today and you will be safe tomorrow and you will be glad
you did if you ever find yourself in a roadside emergency.