6 Best Emergency Kits For The Car

To Be Prepared On The Road

Author: Safety Kits Plus | May 21, 2021

Quick Preview Of Our Top 6 Car Emergency Kits

1. Best Compact Kit - AAA Executive Roadside Emergency Kit
- Great kit for 1 -2 people and covers the basics you would need in an emergency or breakdown situation

2. Best Winter Kit - AAA Winter Roadside Emergency Kit
- If you live in area that is prone to the harsh and dangerous winter conditions, then this kit is a must have in your vehicle

3. Best Kit For Long Road Trips - AAA Destination Roadside Emergency Kit
- This AAA branded kit is filled with emergency supplies designed to help you stay prepared and safe on the road. A very comprehensive and useful kit.

4. Best Kit for City Driving - Urban Road Warrior
- Designed specifically for those who commute within the city or for running errands. The perfect kit to keep in your car at all times.

5. Best All-Season Kit - Deluxe Road Warrior
- The ideal kit for your vehicle to be prepared for most emergencies and breakdowns all year-round.

6. Best Kit For Off-Roading Adventures -20L Survival Backpack Kit

- While this particular kit is not specifically designed to help with your vehicle, it is perfect in case you are the adventurous type and enjoy off-roading adventures in remote locations. Have the essential
survival gear in case you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Car accidents happen and you should have an emergency kit for cars in your vehicle just in case
Unfortunately, the risk of a traffic accident is an inevitable part of driving, - every year, there are over 6 million police reported car accidents in the U.S. alone with nearly 2 million reported injuries . So imagine how many more crashes go unreported.
Then there is the risk of experiencing a breakdown on the road such as a flat tire, a blown engine, or having to pull over due to adverse weather.

While you can’t eliminate the risk of experiencing a traffic accident or having to pull over to the side of the road, you can do your best to stay prepared by keeping an emergency kit for the car in your trunk at all times.

At Safety Kits Plus, we are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe on the road.

As such, we have conducted thorough research to provide you with a comprehensive list of the best emergency kits for the car in 2021.

Let’s first look at why it is so important to have a kit in your vehicle.

Why Invest in an Emergency Kit for your Vehicle?

Having a car emergency kit in your vehicle can make all the difference in an emergency situation. A comprehensive kit will have a combination of safety equipment and supplies that can help keep you safe while you wait for help or better yet will get you back on the road. 
Safety Triangle on side of the road showing importance of an emergency kit in the car to be prepared

A driver with a well-stocked emergency kit will be able to:

Get back on the road. 
Many kits have essential tools that can address a flat tire, a dead battery, and even some engine issues. Having these supplies on hand can help get you back on the road and to your destination or a repair shop safely.

Stay alive.
Often, car accidents and breakdowns can happen in rural areas, where it can take significant time for emergency crews to arrive. Having essential first aid supplies can help address minor injuries while you wait for help. During winter months, a specialized winter emergency kit can help you stay warm with supplies such as emergency blankets and warm clothing.

Help others.
Sometimes, you can drive up on other people who have been in an accident or whose car has broken down. With an emergency kit, you will be able to offer roadside assistance to others who may need help, but don’t have their own emergency kit for the car on hand.

Prevent an accident.
Most emergency kits include safety reflectors and lights to signal other drivers of your vehicle presence on the side ofthe road from afar, thus preventing additional accidents.

Emergency Kits for the Car:
Keep One of these Top 6 Kits In Your Car

We have compiled a list of emergency kits for the car from Safety Kits Plus that would work for virtually any occasion and emergency situation. 

For hitting the city streets or going out on an outdoor adventure, summer or winter, compact or comprehensive, you can find the ideal emergency kit for the car below.

Best Compact Emergency Kit

Without a doubt, the AAA Executive Roadside Emergency Kit presents an incredibly versatile and useful tool to have on hand in case an accident or a breakdown occurs on the road.

While the compact hard shell case of the kit makes it ideal to store in the trunk at all times, the kit itself contains 67 essential pieces that could serve 1 to 4 people.

The AAA Executive Roadside Emergency Kit includes a first aid kit to help address any minor injuries, the must-have duct tape and utility knife, and a reflective safety triangle that you can set up to warn fellow drivers about your presence. It even includes an LED headlamp, so that you can see and do things in the dark.
AAA Executive Emergency Roadside Kit  Contents
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Best Winter Roadside Emergency Kit

The AAA Winter Roadside Emergency Kit has become one of our best-selling kits, and not without a reason. When cold weather leads to dangerous driving conditions, having a dedicated winter roadside emergency kit in your car is a must.

With 66 pieces, this tool kit really takes into account anything you might need during cold winter months. Two hand warmers, a 3-piece fleece set with cap, gloves, and a scarf, alongside with a survival blanket, will keep you warm while you wait for assistance. At the same time, an ice scraper and a folding shovel will help you get moving if you get stuck in the snow. And, of course, the kit includes a basic first aid kit to treat any minor cuts and injuries.
AAA Winter Roadside Emergency Kit
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Best Emergency Kit For Long Trips

Whatever destination you choose, the AAA Destination Roadside Emergency Kit will help to ensure that you get there safely. If you are looking for a well-rounded emergency kit for the car that would get you moving in case of a breakdown, look no more.

Among its 68 pieces, the kit includes an air inflator for filling up your tires, a first aid kit to address any minor injuries, and versatile utility knife and duct tape that can be used for virtually any situation. In addition, the LED headlamp and a reflective safety triangle will make the repairs easy and safe, even in the dark.

AAA Destination Roadside Emergency Kit
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Best All-Season Emergency Kit

With the Deluxe Road Warrior Emergency Kit, you can confidently head out on any adventure, summer or winter. This comprehensive emergency kit for the car contains 78 emergency items and easy-to-use tools for virtually any situation you may encounter on the road.

Be prepared for the worst winter weather road conditions with a folding snow shovel, an ice scraper, a body warmer, and two pairs of hand warmers. A Mayday reflecting triangle, a waterproof distress banner, a revolving sign light, and a neon safety vest will make sure that the help finds you as soon as possible. And, of course, a comprehensive 54-piece first aid kit will help you to treat any minor injuries or cuts while waiting for help.

Mayday Deluxe Winter Car Emergency Kit with snow shovel, ice scraper, flashlight, lightstick, hand warmers, 54 piece first aid kit, tire fixer and more
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Best Emergency Kit For City Driving

The Urban Road Warrior Emergency Kit for the car is a must-have for when you hit the streets.

Conveniently packed in a compact backpack, this emergency car kit includes 23 most essential items for when you break down. From the most basic items like duct tape and a utility knife, to more specialized tools to get you going, this kit has got it all.

Jumper cables, a tow rope, a fire extinguisher, and a flat tire fixer will help you address any issues quickly, while a self-adhesive distress banner and a reflecting triangle will make sure that help finds you soon.

Urban Road Warrior Car Emergency Kit
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Best Emergency Kit For Outdoor Adventures

The 20L Survival Backpack Kit from MyMedic is the ultimate kit for any outdoor activities. Conveniently packed in an easy-to-carry waterproof backpack, the kit includes essential tools and emergency supplies for any survival situation.

This kit was specifically created to include the must-have tools from 10 survival gear categories, including first aid supplies, fire supplies, food and water, and more. You can even inflate the backpack to use it as a floatation device!

Keep the Survival Backpack Kit in your car at all times, and bring it with you whenever you head out for your next outdoor adventure.

10 Essentials Survival Backpack Dry Bag
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Stay safe on the road with Safety Kits Plus

Without a doubt, emergency kits for the car are a must-have to stay safe on the road in any weather conditions. 

Luckily, today, you don’t have to worry about preparing your own kit.

Simply choose one from the list of the best emergency kits offered at Safety Kits Plus and make sure to keep it in your trunk at all times.

It is also a good idea to conduct an inventory to check on your kit and make sure that no items like food, water, or first aid supplies have expired and need replaced.