AAA Executive Car Emergency Kit

February 08 2019 – Safety Kits Plus

Safety Kits Plus is pleased to introduce the AAA Executive Car Emergency Kit. This roadside emergency unit is perfect for anyone wanting to be prepared while on the road. Stocked with essential emergency supplies this kit comes in a hard shell foam case that is easy to store and transport. Every vehicle should be prepared for the unexpected!.

AAA car emergency kits will save the day if ever needed. It is always best to plan ahead and make sure your vehicles are stocked with essential emergency supplies. The Executive Car Emergency kit is compact yet it has room to add personal items such as food bars, light sticks, water pouches or any other items you might need in an emergency.

The 10 LED headlamp is an exceptional light source and will light the way when needed. Moms will feel safe knowing they have bandages and basic first aid supplies and for sure they will get used. Batteries always tend to die when it is most inconvenient. Having a set of jumper cables on board helps you travel in confidence.

Purchase a Car Emergency Kit for all your vehicles today. Protect and prepare your family for when they are on the road. 

Safety Kits Plus is emergency preparedness!