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How prepared are you?

Our goal at Safety Kits Plus is to get you ready for all the emergency situations that life brings. We offer a wide selection of car emergency kits, disaster kits, survival backpacks and emergency preparedness products and accessories. You can even add your logo to most of our safety products creating perfect tradeshow giveaways, corporate gifts and employee recognition gifts.
Every vehicle should have one, does yours?
Car emergency kits
Be prepared for emergency situations.
Survival backpacks
Add Your Logo
Add your logo to most of our products.
Add your logo to most products
Prepare for most emergency & disaster situations.
Emergency disaster kits
Emergency and safety Accessories.
Emergency and safety accessories
First Aid for a variety of injuries.
First Aid Kits
Medical Trauma Units.
Medical Trauma Units=
First Aid for your Vehicles.
Auto First Aid Kits

Lifestyle kits in a bottle.
Lifestyle kits in a bottle

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